TR Profit System Discount – $100 Discount Bonus

UPDATE 05 April, 2016 – Rebate amount reduce to $100 from $150.


TR Profit System $100 Discount Bonus – TR Profit System is a great forex system and retails out at $997, though developers say its value is worth $2000. Even though that is a good deal, we have got you additional $100 Discount in the form of cash-back rebate. Who don’t like an extra savings?

Here is what you have to do – You purchase the system by clicking the special link below. You will be taken to official TR Profit System homepage from where you can purchase the system. You get the exact same product and exact same support and you even pay the full amount ($997) – just that you are taken to the official page from our magic link below.

After you make the purchase, you have to fill out the below form with your order details. We will verify your details and make sure you used our magic link to make the purchase. Once we confirm your order, we will mail you that you are eligible for the rebate. We will wait till 60 days from your purchase date (to make sure you don’t go for a refund), and then pay you the promised $100 cashback bonus. We will be sending the money to your paypal account, so you make sure you put in your paypal email address below.


How to get TR Profit System Discount Bonus?

Follow the below steps to get $100 cash-back rebate bonus on TR Profit System:

Step 1 – Clear your browser cookies.

Learn How (’s-Cookies)


Step 2 – Purchase TR Profit System

Purchase TR Profit System from the below magic link

Purchase TR Profit System – Special Link


Step 3 – Fill out the below form



Purchase Date

Clickbank Order ID (get this from the receipt email you got from Clickbank)

Paypal Email Address (signup at if you don't have one)

By clicking Submit you agree to the terms and conditions listed below


Step 4 – Wait for 60 Days without refund.


Terms and Conditions

  • We pay rebates from the commissions we get from TR Profit System team when you purchase from the special link above. Rebate will only be paid if we get the promised commissions.
  • Your rebate claim will be void if all fields in the form is not filled out.
  • You wont get the rebate if you cancel your order or go for a refund.
  • You wont get the refund if your Paypal email address is wrong or missing.
  • We have right to change the rebate amount without any prior notice, though rebate amount (presently $100) at the time of purchase will be paid out.


TR Profit System Discount
TR Profit System Discount